Rosé Looks Sexy in New BLACKPINK Photoshoot for JALOUSE CHINA

ROSÉSOLO.COM – Rosé looks sexy in romantic night concept for BLACKPINK photoshoot with JALOUSE CHINA Magazine for Issue #01 2019.

jalouse_china Instagram, ” BLACKPINK, a new wave in K-POP. One of the world’s favorite girl group. The first Asian girl group made it on Billboard cover and performed in Coachella music festival. BLACKPINK IN OUR AREA — The first issue “The Night” by JALOUSE CHINA, show you how Blackpink slay in their romantic night.”

Let’s see more photos of Rosé for this photoshoot. Oh, look at this beautiful and dreamy lady. She looks sexy 😍


This one is bold and attractive, somehow remind us of her style during debut photo in 2016. Here we go!

Let’s support Rosé and leave positive comments on JALOUSE Instagram post:

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